'W'hy does the word write make so many people feel wrong?
They can't write something, when get a topic to write. If you are one of those people, our tips may helpful.

1. Get comfortable. To write right, use the method of writing and the writing tools that suit you best.
If writing longhand allows you to feel more in control of your writing, choose a favorite pen or pencil and a notebook or pad of paper that opens flat.
If you don't like paper and pencil, learn to use a computer or typewriter.

2. Find the right place for writing. Is it in your room? At a desk in the family room? At the dining room table? The right place is any place where you can have the tools, the time, the space, good lighting, and the level of silence you need to concentrate, to do creative daydreaming, and to write.

3. Before you get started writing, put together a set of reference books and keep them handy. A good reference library will have a dictionary, a thesaurus, an encyclopedia, and an english grammar book.

4. Choose a time of night or day that is right for writing. Right time means your totaly free time. Let family members know you will be working and unavailable for phone calls.

5. Once you are seated, stay there and work as long as you promised yourself you would.

6. Plan your work time well. Figure out how much time you will need to complete an assignment. First, of course, you must be sure how long your finished paper is supposed to be.

7. Reward yourself at the end of your writing time. You deserve it. A reward gives you something to look forward to after you have worked for a while. Here are some reward ideas. -
^ Go in-line skating or roller skating.
^ Take a ten minute nap.
^ Give yourself some uninterrupted telephone talk time.
^ Sit and do absolutely nothing, without feeling lazy.
^ Once you feel free, you will discover & feel that you can write, and you can write well. It means three steps to good writing -..-
1. Think
2. Decide &
3. Write