Writing Purpose

Commercial Photography # You must understand that why you write? What is the reason to write? You must need to know the answer to this question before begin to write.
Are you writing to give facts? Are you writing to express you feelings? Are you write to create a story, a essay, or a poem? Think about the reason of write before begin to write. After decided your purpose to write, you can start write.
Your writing speaks for you. Be sure to write as clearly as you speak.
# A blank piece of paper or a blank notebook well, blankly back at you. Greet your blank piece of paper as you would a friend. In fact, like a good friend, it will accept anything you want to say. Write about things you are really interested in. Your teacher or profesar will give you a general subject to write about. May be you will like the subject, or may be you'll think it's totally boring. You can make the subject easier to writer about by making it more persnal.

Sample of writing method --
Title ___________
First body __________
Middle body _______
Last body _________