Write with Ideas

Commercial Photography # Use your imagination, but also keep your ears and eyes open. Although you may sometimes feel that your mind is total blank, you can fill in that blank by noticing and recognizing the ideas that are all around you.

# Use a blank book, a notebook, or even a file folder with loose sheets of paper. Write down your feelings, experiences, opinions, questions and ideas.

# Write down your dreams. Try to write the best dream you could have.

# Write every day at a certain time. Make to write a habit. Write the date on each entry so you'll remember later when these ideas were important to you. If you have included something writing book you like, think about why you like it. Does it bring back a special memory? Does the idea mean as much to you now as when you first wrote it down? Why do you think your feelings may have changed?

# Try free writing with nothing specific in mind. Set a timer for three minutes. Then write whatever comes into your mind at the moment. Feel free to free write.