Write with Topic

Commercial Photography # You can collect some good descriptive details by asking yourself these questions about your subject :
~ What are the most important features of my subject?
~ What is most noticeable about subject?
~ What factual details are important?
~ What details can you make up?

# When you are assigned a topic which you cannot write about from personal experience or observation, read books, magazine articles, and newspapers for specific information. As you read about your topic, look for the main ideas. Then try to find details in your references to support those ideas.

# When you read for information, don't read everything. Skim through the table of contents, the index, and chapter titles and subtitles. As you come across information that is valuable for your topic, read slowly and carefully. Take notes on the main ideas and the details supporting them. Many students find it helpful to organize their notes on index cards. You can use one or two index cards per book.

# When you look over your notes, cross out the details you know you won't need. Number the remaining details in the order you might want to use them. If you have followed the suggestions, you are ready to stop prewriting and start writing.